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Article 11. Resolution of Fee Disputes


Rule 14-1101.Definitions.


As used in thisarticle:


(a). "Bar" means the Utah State Bar;


(b)  "chair" means the chair of the Utah StateBar Fee DisputeResolution Committee;


(c)  "client"means a person or entity who, directly or through an authorized representative, consults, retains or secures legal services or advice from a lawyerin the lawyer?s professional capacity;

(d)  "Committee" means the Utah State Bar FeeDispute Resolution Committee;


(e)  "decision"means the determination made by the panel in a fee arbitration proceeding;

(f)  "executive director" means the executivedirector of the Bar or his or herdesignee;


(g)  "he" and the masculinepronouns includes"she" and femininepronouns;


(h)  "lawyer" or "attorney" meansa person admittedto the practice of law in Utah, which may include a lawyer?s assignee ?Lawyer?includes a lawyer and a Licensed Paralegal Practitionerunless the Rule specifically refers to one type of licensee or does not apply because of the limited scope of theLicensed Paralegal Practitioner?s practice as defined in SupremeCourt Rule of Professional Practice14-802.

(j) ?licensedparalegal practitioner? denotesa person authorized by the Utah Supreme Court to provide legal representation asauthorized in Utah Special Practice Rule 14-802.

(j) "panel" means the arbitrator(s) assignedto hear a fee disputeand to issue a decision;


(k)  "petition"means a written request for fee arbitration in a form approved by the Committee;

(l)  "petitioner"means the party requesting fee arbitration and can be either a client or an attorney; and

(m)  "respondent" means the party with whom the petitioner has a fee dispute and can be either a lawyeror a client.

Effective May 1, 2021.