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Rule 14-107. Duties of lawyers, foreign legal consultants, andlicensed paralegal practitioners.

(a) Roster and current record information.The Bar must collect, maintain, and have ready access to current information ofBar members, foreign legal consultants, and licensed paralegal practitionersincluding:

(1) full name;

(2) date of birth;

(3) current physical addresses, andcurrent telephone numbers for law office and residence, except that full-timejudges are exempt from providing residential addresses and telephone numbers;

(4) current e-mail address;

(5) date of admission;

(6) date of any transfer to or frominactive status;

(7) all specialties in which certified;

(8) other jurisdictions in which thelawyer is admitted and date of admission; and

(9) nature, date, and place of anydiscipline imposed and any reinstatements.

(b) Assessments.

(1) Annual licensing fee. To effectuate the Bar?s purposes, everylawyer, foreign legal consultant, and licensed paralegal practitioner admittedor licensed to practice in Utah must pay to the Bar on or before July 1 of eachyear an annual license fee for each fiscal year to be fixed by the BarCommission from time to time and approved by the Supreme Court. The fee must besufficient to pay the costs of disciplinary administration and enforcement. TheBar administers the funds.

(2) Failure to renew annual license. Failure to pay the annuallicensing fee or provide the required annual licensing information will resultin administrative suspension. Any lawyer, foreign legal consultant, or licensedparalegal practitioner who practices law after failing to renew such licenseviolates the Rules of Professional Conduct or Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of Professional Conduct andmay be disciplined. The executive director or designee must give notice of suchremoval from the rolls to such noncomplying member at the designated mailingaddress on the Bar?s records and to the state and federal courts in Utah.

(3) Reenrollment within three years of administrative suspension. Alawyer, foreign legal consultant, or licensed paralegal practitioner who isadministratively suspended for failing to pay licensing fees for three years orless may apply in writing for reenrollment. The request should be made to theUtah State Bar Licensing Department and include payment equal to the fees thelawyer, foreign legal consultant, or licensed paralegal practitioner would havebeen required to pay had such person remained an inactive member to the date ofthe request for reenrollment and a $200 reinstatement fee. Upon receipt,the Bar will order reenrollment and so notify the courts. Reenrollment based onfailure to renew does not negate any orders of discipline.

(4) Reenrollment after three years of administrative suspension. Alawyer, foreign legal consultant, or licensed paralegal practitioner who isadministratively suspended for three years or more for failing to pay licensefees must comply with the admissions requirements set forth in the SupremeCourt Rules of Professional Practice governing admission for lawyers who havebeen administratively suspended for nonpayment for three or more years beforebeing reinstated. 

EffectiveDecember 15, 2020