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Rule 14-106. Authority to engage in legislative activities.

Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 4 of the Utah Constitution, theSupreme Court hereby authorizes and directs the Board to engage in legislativeactivities.

(a) The Board is authorized and directed to study and provideassistance on public policy issues and to adopt positions on behalf of theBoard on public policy issues. The Board is authorized to review and analyzepending legislation, to provide technical assistance to the Utah Legislature,the Governor of Utah, the Utah Judicial Council and other public bodies uponrequest, and to adopt a position in support of or in opposition to a policyinitiative, to adopt no position on a policy initiative, or to remain silent ona policy initiative. The position of the Board shall not be construed as theposition of the Court or binding on the Court in any way.

(a)(1) The Board's consideration of public policy issues shall belimited to those issues concerning the courts of Utah, procedure and evidencein the courts, the administration of justice, the practice of law, and mattersof substantive law on which the collective expertise of lawyers has specialrelevance and/or which may affect an individual's ability to access legalservices or the legal system.

(a)(2) Public policy issues may be submitted to the Board forconsideration in accordance with written procedures established by the Board.

(a)(3) The adoption of a Board position shall be in accordancewith written procedures established by the Board.

(a)(4) The Board shall prepare and maintain a written record ofthe Board's positions on public policy issues and shall ensure reasonablenotice and distribution to the members of the Bar and to Licensed ParalegalPractitioners.

(b) Governmental Relations Committee. The Board may establish aGovernmental Relations Committee to assist in carrying out its responsibilitiesas set forth above. The committee's membership and procedures shall encouragebroad participation and input and compliance with this policy.

(c) Legislative budget, rebates. At theend of the Utah general legislative session each year, the Board shall calculateall reasonable administrative expenses attributable to the Bar's legislativeactivities for the preceding 12 month period, identify each member?s and LicensedParalegal Practitioner?s pro rata portion of the amount of license fees for thepreceding 12 month period spent for legislative activities and establish a fairand equitable rebate procedure of that amount for Bar members or LicensedParalegal Practitioners who object to any legislative position taken by theBoard.

Effective May 1, 2019