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Rule 14-104. Admissionto practice law; qualifications, enrollment, oath, and fees.

(a)   The Board, by delegation from theSupreme Court, shall have the power to determine the qualifications andrequirements for admission to the practice of law and to conduct examinationsof applicants; and it shall from time to time certify to the Court thoseapplicants found to be qualified. Qualifications and requirements for admissionto the practice of law shall be as set forth in Chapter 14, Article 7, Admissions.

(b) The Board, bydelegation from the Supreme Court, shall have the power to determine the qualificationsand requirements for the Licensure of the Licensed Paralegal Practitioners andto conduct examinations of applicants, and it shall from time to time certifyto the Court those applicants found to be qualified. Qualifications andrequirements for Licensed Paralegal Practitioner licensure shall be as setforth in Chapter 15, Article 7, Licensure.

(c) The approval by the Supreme Court ofany person certified for licensure to practice law shall entitle him or her tobe enrolled in the Bar upon his or her taking an oath to support theConstitution of the United States and of Utah and to discharge faithfully theduties of an attorney at law, foreign legal consultant or Licensed ParalegalPractitioner to the best of his or her knowledge and ability, and payment ofthe fee fixed by the Board with the approval of the Court, and thereafter, topractice law upon payment of annual or special license fees herein provided,subject to the provisions of this chapter.

(d) Upon receiving certification by theBoard and approval from the Supreme Court, the applicant shall pay a fee set bythe Court to the clerk of the Court for a certificate of admission, a portionof which shall be retained by the state treasurer as a special fund for thebenefit of the Utah State Law Library, to be expended by the Utah JudicialCouncil.

(e) Roll of licensed lawyers andLicensed Paralegal Practitioners. The clerk of the Court shall keep a roll ofthe attorneys at law admitted to practice in Utah and Licensed ParalegalPractitioners, which must be signed by each person admitted or licensed beforehe or she is enrolled and receives his or her certificate of admission to theBar or license as a foreign legal consultant or Licensed ParalegalPractitioner.

Effective November 1,2018