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Rule 11-562. Disseminating disciplinary information.

(a) Notice to disciplinary agencies.The OPC must send notice of public discipline, resignation with disciplinepending, transfers to or from disability status, reinstatements, relicensures,and certified copies of judgments of conviction to the disciplinary enforcementagency of every other jurisdiction in which the Respondent is licensed, and tothe American Bar Association?s National Lawyer Regulatory Database.

(b) Notice to the public. The OPCwill publish notices of admonition, public reprimand, suspension, delicensure,resignation with discipline pending, transfer to disability status, andpetitions for reinstatement or relicensure to the OPC?s website and the UtahBar Journal.

(c) Notice to the courts. The OPCmust promptly forward notices of suspension, delicensure, resignation withdiscipline pending, transfer to or from disability status, reinstatement, orrelicensure to all Utah state courts for licensed paralegal practitioners andto both Utah state and federal courts for lawyers.

EffectiveDecember 15, 2020