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Rule 11-524. Retaining records.

(a) No imposed discipline. After three years, the OPC must destroy allrecords or other evidence of the existence of Complaints that the OPC dismissesor declines to prosecute.

(1)Exception. On the OPC?s application,notice to Respondent, and a showing of good cause, the Oversight Committee maypermit the OPC to retain such records for one additional period of time not toexceed three years.

(2)Effect of no imposed discipline. Aftera file or electronic record related to a Complaint that the OPC dismisses ordeclines to prosecute has been destroyed, any OPC response to an inquiryrequiring a reference to the matter must state that there is no record of suchmatter. The Respondent may answer any inquiry requiring a reference to suchmatter by stating that no Complaint was made.

(b) Discipline and disability. The OPC must retain for 30 years allrecords or other evidence of the existence of Complaints that resulted inpublic reprimand, suspension, delicensure, resignation with discipline pending,admonition, disability, and probation running from the date the disciplineexpired.

(c) Disciplinary history letters. The OPC must retain for three yearsall records of disciplinary history letters, running from the date of theletter.

EffectiveDecember 15, 2020