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Rule 11-522. Ethics advisory opinions.

(a) Effect of ethicsadvisory opinions. The OPC maynot prosecute a Utah Lawyer for conduct that complies with an ethics advisoryopinion that has not been withdrawn at the time of the conduct in question. Nocourt is bound by an ethics opinion?s interpretation of the Rules ofProfessional Conduct or Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of ProfessionalConduct.

(b) Reviewing, modifying,or withdrawing ethics advisory opinions.

(1) TheOPC may at any time request the Bar?s Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee toreview, modify, or withdraw an ethics advisory opinion and any OPCinvestigation or prosecution is suspended pending the final outcome of therequest. The Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee may issue a modified opinion,withdraw the opinion, or decline to take any action but will report its actionor recommendation to the Bar Commission and the Commission will take such finalaction as it deems appropriate.

(2) TheOPC may also request the Supreme Court to review, affirm, reverse, or otherwisemodify an ethics advisory opinion.

Effective December 15, 2020