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Rule 11-514. Disclosure, recusal, and disqualification.

(a) Application. Disclosure,recusal, and disqualification apply to Committee members? participation in ascreening panel hearing, exception, or other proceeding in which a Respondent?sconduct is considered under these rules.

(b) Disclosure.

(1) Committee members must make disclosures beforeor, at the latest, at the start of a screening panel hearing or other hearingin which a Respondent?s conduct is considered.

(2) Each Committee member must disclose to theparties any professional or personal relationship or conflict of interest witha party or a party?s counsel in the proceeding that may affect an unbiasedevaluation of the Respondent.

(3) Relationships that may affect an unbiasedevaluation of the Respondent include any contact or association that mightinfluence a Committee member?s ability to fairly and reasonably evaluate theconduct of any Respondent or to assess that Respondent without bias orprejudice, including but not limited to:

(A) family relationships to a party or Lawyer of aparty in the proceeding within the third degree of relationship;

(B) any business relationship between the Committeemember and a party or Lawyer of a party in the proceedings; and

(C) any personal litigation directly or indirectlyinvolving a party or a Lawyer of a party in the proceeding and the Committeemember, the Committee member?s family or the Committee member?s business.

(c) Recusal.

(1) As used in this rule, recusal is a voluntary actof self-disqualification by a Committee member.

(2) After making a disclosure, a Committee membermay voluntarily recuse if the Committee member believes the relationship withthe Respondent or other parties will affect an unbiased evaluation of theRespondent.

(d) Disqualification procedures.

(1) A Respondent may move to disqualify a screeningpanel member if such member:

(A) makes a disclosure and does not voluntarilyrecuse, and that member?s impartiality might reasonably be questioned; or

(B) does not make a disclosure, but knowncircumstances suggest the Committee member?s impartiality might reasonably bequestioned.

(2) A motion to disqualify a screening panel membermust be submitted to the Committee clerk for review by the screening panelchair or vice chair before or during the screening panel hearing.

(3) A motion to disqualify a Committee member froman exception or other hearing or review must be submitted to the Committeeclerk for review by the Committee chair or vice chair before any hearing on thematter.

(e)Disqualification afterCommittee service. Aformer Committee member may not personally represent a Respondent in anyproceeding as provided in these rules within one year after completing theformer Committee member?s service. In addition to the one-year prohibition, aformer Committee member may not personally represent a Respondent in anyproceedings as provided in these rules in which the former Committee memberpreviously participated during the Committee member?s service on the Committee.

EffectiveDecember 15, 2020