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Rule11-103. Rulemaking Procedures.


To establish proceduresfor disseminating proposed rules to the Utah State Bar, Judiciary, interestedgroups, and members of the public.


This rule shall apply tothe Supreme Court, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and the SupremeCourt advisory committees.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Submission of finalrules recommendations. Each advisory committee shall vote upon and finalize itsrecommendations and any proposed committee notes for public comment and submitthem to the Supreme Court to be approved for public comment.? If approved by the Supreme Court, thecommittee shall submit the rules to the Administrative Office of the Courts forpublication and distribution.

(2) Publication. TheAdministrative Office of the Courts shall publish the final committeerecommendations and any proposed committee notes for a 45-day comment period.The purpose of the comment period shall be to solicit written commentconcerning the committees? recommendations.

(3) Distribution. Copiesof proposed rules and any advisory committee notes shall be distributed asprovided in Rule 11-106.

(4) Comment. Writtencomment shall be submitted to the Administrative Office of the Courts.

(5) Committee review.Upon the expiration of the comment period, the Administrative Office of theCourts shall compile all of the written comment received and forward it to theappropriate committee chair. The chair shall convene a meeting of the committeefor the purpose of reviewing the public comment and discussing and voting uponappropriate modifications to the rules. If after receiving public comment, acommittee makes substantial modifications to the proposed rule, the committee shallsubmit the rule to the Supreme Court to be approved for public comment. Ifapproved by the Supreme Court, the committee shall submit the modified rule tothe Administrative Office of the Courts for re-publication and further publiccomment.

(6) Transmittal. Oncethe committee has reviewed the public comment and voted upon the finalmodifications to the proposed rules and committee notes, it shall submit aletter of transmittal to the Supreme Court with a copy of the committee?s finalproposals, a summary of the public comment and the committee?s recommendationsin response to the comment.

Effective November 1,2017