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Rule10-1-404. Attendance and assistance of prosecutors in criminal proceedings.



To establish the responsibility of theprosecutor's office to attend criminal proceedings and to assist the court inthe management of criminal cases.



This rule shall apply to the FourthDistrict Court.


Statementof the Rule:

(1) The prosecutor's office shallassist the court with criminal cases by attending the following courtproceedings:

(A)felony first appearance hearings;

(B)arraignments on informations;



(2) The prosecutor in attendance shallbe prepared to provide the court with information relevant to setting monetary bailand sentencing, including criminal history, and the factual basis for theoffense charged.


(3) Unless specifically requested bythe court, the prosecutor is not required to attend arraignments or sentencingsfor misdemeanants prosecuted on citations.


Effective:November 1, 2020