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Rule 1-305. Boardof Senior Judges.



To establish a Board ofSenior Judges consisting of senior justices and senior judges of courts ofrecord.


To prescribe thecomposition of the Board's membership, the method of selection of Boardmembers, the members' terms of office, the Board's officers, the procedures tobe followed in the event of vacancies, the frequency of Board meetings, and theprocedures to be followed in the conduct of Board meetings.


To increase the level ofparticipation of senior justices and senior judges in the development of policyfor the judiciary.


To improve communicationbetween the Council and senior justices and senior judges.



This rule shall apply tothe Board of Senior Judges.


Statement of the Rule:

(1) For purposes of thisrule, "senior judge" means active senior justice or active seniorjudge.

(2) Board of seniorjudges.

(2)(A) Establishment.There is established a Board of Senior Judges.

(2)(B) Membership. TheBoard shall be comprised of five active senior judges, elected atthe annual judicial conference senior judge business meeting, by allsenior judges who are in attendance.

(2)(C) Election. Thesenior judges present at the business meeting shall constitute a quorum.Nominations for Board positions may be made by any senior judge. All seniorjudges present at the meeting shall be entitled to vote for members of theBoard.

(2)(D) Terms. The termsof the Board members shall be two-years. A Board member shall not serve morethan two consecutive terms and the remainder of a predecessor?s term.

(2)(E) Vacancies. If avacancy occurs for any reason on the Board, the Board shall elect a replacementfor the unexpired term of the vacancy.

(3) Board officers.

(3)(A) Establishment.There shall be a chair and vice-chair of the Board. Both the chair and vicechair shall be active senior judges.

(3)(B) Election. Thechair and vice chair shall be elected by the Board members.

(3)(C) Chair and vicechair's term. The chair and vice-chair shall be elected to serve a one-yearterm, effective immediately after the annual judicial conference. The yearfollowing election as the vice chair shall assume the chair position. Anew vice chair shall be appointed each year.

(3)(D) Chair and vicechair's responsibilities. The chair shall preside over all meetings of theBoard and the annual judicial conference senior judge business meeting, andshall perform other duties as set forth in this Code and as directed by theBoard. The vice-chair shall serve as chair in the absence of the chair or atthe request of the chair.

(3)(E) Vacancy in officeof chair or vice chair. In the event that the chair resigns or leaves the Boardfor any reason, the vice-chair shall become chair, serving both the unexpiredterm of the chair and the full term as chair. In the event that the vice-chairresigns from the Board for any reason, a new vice-chair shall be elected by theBoard from among its members to serve the unexpired term of the vice-chair andto succeed as chair as otherwise provided in this rule. Voting and replacementof the vice chair may be conducted by e-mail if a replacement is needed beforethe next annual judicial conference.

(3)(F) Secretariatservices. The Administrative Office shall serve as secretariat to the Board.

(3)(G) Boardresponsibility. The Board shall exercise such authority and assume suchresponsibility as delegated by the Council.

(4) Meetings of the Board.

(4)(A) The Board shallmeet not less than once a year to transact any and all business that is withinits jurisdiction.

(4)(B) The Board shallrule by majority vote. All Board members have the right to vote. Three membersof the Board constitute a quorum.


EffectiveJune 28, 2021