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1-301Rule 1-301. Established - Composition.


To increase the level of participation of the courts and local judges in the development of policy for the judiciary.

To increase the level of communication between the Council and the local judges.

To provide a mechanism for supervising the implementation of Council policy.

To provide standards for the composition of the Boards that will assure thorough debate of the issues and minimize the expense of judge-hours spent away from the court.


This rule shall apply to all Boards of Judges.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) To meet the objectives of the Council as set forth in this Code and the responsibilities of the Council as defined by law, the following Boards of Judges are established:

(A) the Board of Appellate Court Judges;

(B) the Board of District Court Judges;

(C) the Board of Juvenile Court Judges;

(D) the Board of Justice Court Judges; and

(E) the Board of Senior Judges.

(2) Subject to the approval of the Council, the size and composition of each Board shall be determined by the judges of the respective courts in accordance with the following standards:

(A) The Boards of the trial courts shall be comprised of members whose representation is substantially proportional to the population and geographic diversity of the court on which they serve.

(B) All Boards shall be limited in size to maintain the manageability of the Board and to minimize the negative impact on daily court operations.