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Rule 14-302. Definitions.

As used in this article:

(a) ?Bar? means the Utah State Bar;

(b) ?Bar member? means a lawyer who has been admitted tothe Bar and who holds a current license;

(c) ?Board? means the Professionalism and CivilityCounseling Board;

(d) ?complainant? means a person,judge, or OPC counsel who files a complaint with the Board;

(e) ?complaint? means any written allegation of one ormore violations of the Code of Civility and Professionalism;

(f) ?judge? means a governmentofficial with authority to decide matters of law and questions of fact broughtbefore the courts and governmental agencies.

(g) ?OPC counsel? means the Office of ProfessionalConduct of the Utah State Bar;

(h) ?referral? means acommunication to the Board by a judge or OPC counsel concerning one or more Barmembers whose conduct may be in violation of the Code of Civility andProfessionalism.

(i) ?respondent?means a lawyer who is the subject of a complaint or a referral;

(j) ?Standards? means the Standards of Professionalismand Civility, as set forth in Rule 14-301; and

(k) ?Supreme Court? means the Utah Supreme Court.



Effective May 15, 2019