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Rule 4-202.01. Definitions.


To provide auniform definition for special terms.


This ruleapplies to the judicial branch.

Statement ofthe Rule:

As used inthese rules:

(1)"Access" means to inspect and obtain a copy.

(2) "Courtrecord" means a record prepared, owned, received, or retained by a courtor the administrative office of the courts.

(3)"Record" means books, letters, documents, papers, maps, plans,photographs, films, cards, tapes, recordings, data or other materials,regardless of form or characteristics, that are reproducible.

(4)"Record" does not mean any of the following unless received intoevidence:

(4)(A) drafts,calendars, notes or similar materials prepared for the originator?s personaluse or for the personal use of an individual for whom the originator works;

(4)(B) documentprepared or received by an individual in the individual?s private capacity ordocument prepared or received by an individual that is unrelated to thepublic's business;

(4)(C)materials legally owned by an individual in the individual?s private capacity;

(4)(D)materials to which access is limited by the laws of copyright or patent unlessthe copyright or patent is owned by the courts;

(4)(E)proprietary software or software developed or purchased by or for the courtsfor its own use;

(4)(F) junkmail or commercial publications received by the courts or an official oremployee of the courts; or

(4)(G)materials contained in the collection of libraries open to the public.